When it comes to açai shops, they are hard to come by in the Midwest. The Surf Bar is an
emerging, young business that has its eyes set on becoming the original açai shop in the
Midwest. We see a need for açai shops in the Midwest and have no greater joy than becoming
the staple for quality açai bowls in this area. Sure, there are other açai shops in the Midwest, but
no one does it like The Surf Bar. We do more than açai bowls, such as pitaya bowls, coconut
bowls, chia pudding bowls, oatmeal bowls, coffee, smoothies, and more! The Surf Bar is one of
the more well-known açai shops in the Midwest, and everyone says the same thing: “The Surf
Bar is the best!”.
The Surf Bar started in November of 2018, in Shawnee, Oklahoma. “A business called
‘The Surf Bar’ opened in Oklahoma? Where’s the ocean and waves?”. Fair point, but that’s
exactly why we are here! It is nearly 500 miles to get to the nearest beach from Shawnee,
Oklahoma. That said, it’s not very convenient for us Oklahomans to go to the beach. BUT what
if the beach was brought here? Well, that’s not logical, but you can bring a part of the beach
back, so that’s what we did! We have replicated the freshness of the fruit, the vibes, the design,
and the culture of our business to match those on the beach. Our goal is to bring The Surf Bar to
every city in the Midwest and really claim the title of the original açai shop in the Midwest. We
look forward to seeing you soon, wherever you’re at in the Midwest!